by Vishaal S Shah
on Sep 21st, 2007

Bridge to Terabithia

Bridge to TerabithiaThere’s a whole new world out there!!!

A world made up of prince and princesses. Of perceived problems and real dreams. Of fantasies that seem so real and reality that you wish just vanishes in thin air. Of dark ghosts and giant friends.

The world is what you make out of it. We humans are possessed by a power that the evolutionary process has not granted to any other creature on the earth – the power to imagine!!!

All we need is to imagine what we desire. Yes, the world is what we imagine it to be. A wealthy person will have all the poverty in the world if he imagines so. A beggar will feel like a king if he imagines so.

Songwriters have imagined a world around lyrics. Authors have created kingdoms and middle earth around words. Movie directors have fantasized galaxies around 17 frames per second. And all of it seems so real because they first imagined it so vividly.

Multi colour. Each small detail. Each engraving. Each nook. Each corner. Right to the colors and how the colors shall change when the first ray of sunlight hits them.

Yes, if you can imagine it in your mind up there – and not just imagine it like some wishy-washy dream that can’t stand the first wave of cynicism, but something so real that you could almost feel it. Smell it. Taste it. Touch it. Then you have imagined. And once you have imagined – consider it created.

Yup, it hardly takes any seconds for that imagination to become a reality. The process might seem longer, but you are already living in that imagined world.

Let’s say an actor has imagined the character he is playing so accurately that he eats, sleeps, bathes and talks that character. The day his first performance is aired or performed, the character takes birth for the first time in front of the audience who have never seen it – but for the actor the character had already taken birth when he had first imagined him. The character had engulfed the actor and the actor was the character.

Imagination has given us Leonardo Vinci, Mark Vitruvius, Gandhi, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, J. K. Rowling, Paulo Coelho, Steven Spielberg, Hitler and scores of others in the vast forests of history.

But one of the masterpieces of the man’s imagination is GOD. How do you explain an entity so powerful and singular but he still exists in different names and forms and shapes and cultures across the globe ?!?!?!

If a man can imagine a GOD why can’t he imagine a world in which there is happiness, joy, love, peace and everything that we strive for all our lives? The only explanation is that he is busy imagining something else and that’s what this world is full of – malice, hatred, war, one-upmanship, arms, weapons, cruelty, rage, violence !!!

If you want to change the world just imagine a better world. And to imagine a better world just keep your mind open – mind wide open…
Don’t believe the power of imagination – go read or watchThe Bridge to Terabithia” a story about fifth grader Jesse Aarons, who befriends Leslie Burke when he loses a race to her. The story goes on to capture the imagination of Jess into creating a new world called Terabithia where Jess is the king.

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