by Vishaal S Shah
on Nov 10th, 2009

So, just how safe is India?

The first thing your morning newspaper greets you with is a tainted picture of how India today actually is.

Maoists attacks. Train hijacks & Dacoit loots. Public feud between pilots and air hostesses. Fire mishaps at petroleum depot. Alarming rate of train accidents.

Political vendetta. Family business feuds turning into horrifying tales. Unchecked crime rates that seem to indicate a growing tendency towards lack of remorse.

And a Government that seems to be struggling to save its face amidst all this.

Even as the Government and allies debate and strategize on how to up the country’s security measures in the aftermath of terror attacks and threats, what we need to really first ask ourselves is – how safe is India anymore from within?

Security is no longer a given for citizens. And the critical question facing every individual is, when your environment is not safe, you seek shelter at home, but when your home is not safe then where do you go?…

Wake up people, there is no one including the Government who is going to make your home and environment safer and secure for you!! Just the reason why its time to stop acting helpless and looking for someone to help. Time to take up your safety as your own responsibility. There is simply no guarantee that you can walk out of home and return safely.But yes, what you can do is be a more alert, vigilant citizen. Stop being blind to crime and stand up to it courageously. Remember today it might have happened to someone else, tomorrow it could be you. Start making one more person around you aware. Ensure security checks in your immediate vicinity atleast, not as an option but as a mandatory rule. Be a responsible citizen by writing powerfully, speaking up or by just lending the law a helping hand at the right moment.

Think of your country as your own home and the very thought of someone intruding your country’s safety will then matter a lot more to you.

Still wondering where to start? There are a number of NGOs in India actively involved in this direction with whom you could pool in your efforts. To get involved in your city and locality, visit

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