by Vishaal S Shah
on Jun 15th, 2010

Love, Sadhu Aur Dhoka

What is it that attracts the young and the old, the rich and the poor, the innocent and the greedy, the smart and the naïve equally to Godmen or Sadhus, as they are commonly known as? I think it is the lure of the promise.

Like the proverbial forbidden fruit, it is a temptation that what ever you desire will come true if you just cross the line from being a non believer to an ardent follower.

Today, there is an alarming increase in the number of Godmen who are being revealed as hypocrites and fakes and whose motives are far from being spiritual and altruistic. Almost one in very ten ashrams you see around is an abode woven with sexual scandals, lies, dark secrets, and horrific tales of torture and deceit. And sadly, a majority of the victims are children and women.

Many of these so called spiritual leaders in India are self-proclaimed men of God. They lure people and entrap them with spiritual hoodoo and magical promises – of love, a better job, sudden fortune, marital bliss, instant rise to powerful positions, the blessing of a child, cure from chronic illness, success in business and so on. And in return, these fake Godmen enjoy obscene money, power, expensive gifts and sexual favours even.

I think such fake Sadhus are very shrewd & calculated businessmen. They know exactly what their clients need, they package their service so attractively that it’s hard to resist and to top it all, they have an excellent PR machine creating so much curiosity and awe about the ‘brand’ Sadhu. Finally they just reel in the customer smoothly, before he can realise what’s happening.

In a society where crime rate is rapidly increasing, it is important for us to be aware and watch out for the trap of such fake Gurus. With media exposing such crimes through sting operations and turning the spotlight on fake Sadhus, atleast potential victims can be warned before walking into further danger. Police is also vigilantly monitoring for any such signs of fraudulence. And as citizens, it’s our duty to also fearlessly stand up. For once, let’s step out from being just spectators and join this fight against crime.

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