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by Vishaal S Shah
on Aug 14th, 2007

My Tryst with Peace!

Ma NiketanTucked away in a corner in Thane near the Upvan hills is Ma Niketan – a shelter of 350+ destitute girls who have either been abandoned on the streets or have been brought to the shelter by relatives or single terminally ill parents who could no longer afford the upbringing of the child.

Of all the holy places I have visited, and trust me, the believer in me has been at many places, right from Hindu temples to Muslim mosques to churches to Buddhist pagodas to Jain Upashrayas, the peace and calmness I experience @ Ma Niketan is equal to the one I experience @ these holy places.

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It’s a competitive world out there. Even more so online…

It’s one thing to design and develop a great website and have it online. After all, it is something that is going to be the entry point for your company, your brand and your services.

It’s another thing to promote it. Promote it against and amongst the tens or hundreds or thousands of websites offering similar services. Appear, maybe not on top always, but at least @ the right time @ the right place when the visitor is either searching for you or your services.

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OptimystixOptimystix is a leading independent content creation company from the Asian Subcontinent with the ability to go from the idea-to-delivery across various genres of entertainment over diverse aggregation platforms.

Optimystix has solid track record in Advertising Films, Game Shows, Light Entertainment Shows, Bollywood Programming, Children Programs & Fiction Programming.

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