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by Malay Shah
on Jan 23rd, 2008

Yahoo Launches Behavioural Ad Targeting

Finally, Yahoo has unveiled its own behavioural advertising platform. The behavioural targeting of ads by Yahoo has been around since the year 2000 but it was recently in year 2006 when the same was improvised with better technology in the US.

It’s said that behavioural targeting may also raise some privacy concerns as it means users actions taken on the websites are being tracked and shared with advertisers. On this issue Prashanth Mehta, vice-president (monetization) Yahoo Emerging Markets said “We have 500 million users globally on Yahoo! and we follow strict privacy policies. With Yahoo Behavioural Targeting, we will ensure that we are meeting local policies on user privacy”.

According to Mehta they have launched behavioural targeting because they believe that the market is ready for it.

According to the report, Yahoo tracks 4 different activities of its users:

1. Searched keywords or key phrases by Yahoo! users
2. Sites and content user have visited
3. Search and banner ads users have clicked
4. Microsites that user have visited

All this information is aggregated and a profile of each user is created so that relevant ads can be served to him on Yahoo’s network. For example, a user searching for a job on Yahoo Search or visiting the Yahoo India jobs page may be served search or display ads which offer him more job opportunities.

by Vishaal S Shah
on Jan 22nd, 2008

Website for Middle East’s First Ice Lounge

Chillout onlineImagine it’s a scorching 40 degree celsious outside, but you are shivering as you sip hot chocolate from an ice glass, sitting on a chair made of ice! Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

But it’s right there in Dubai – an ice lounge in the middle of a hot desert! Middle East’s first and world’s 9th ice bar restaurant, Chillout is a venture by the Sharaf Group, that’s fast becoming a must see destination of the world.

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by Malay Shah
on Jan 18th, 2008

Go Personal with Firefox

Mozila Firefox AddonPersonas for Firefox is an extension that adds lightweight theming to your browser.

Personas is a prototype that builds upon the ideas that:

  1. themes today are too hard to find, install and use
  2. graphic designers should be able to style the browser without having to code
  3. browsers can be more than just desktop software, they can include online components
  4. people just want their computer to be a little more fun and personal

Find the add-on here:

by Vishaal S Shah
on Jan 18th, 2008

Children of Men – Reader’s Account

Children of Men - Reader's AccountImagine a future without children…
A world where for the last 18 years no child has been born…

This is no sadistic thought but the shocking theme of an award winning, soul stirring and thought provoking movie called ‘Children of Men’.

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by Vishaal S Shah
on Jan 18th, 2008

A Make-over for R.R. Plast

Website for Plastic Manufacturer

R.R. Plast is a leading manufacturer of Plastic Processing plants, renowned for its extrusion excellence. With an extensive product line ranging from equipments that manufacture sheets and pipes to ball pens and pencils, R.R. Plast enjoys a strong presence in the Indian and International market.

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