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Eureka Forbes Eureka Forbes is Asia’s leading sellers of water purifiers and vacuum  cleaners, and renowned pioneers of direct selling in India.

The company has recently gone in for a total revamp of its corporate website. The new Eureka Forbes website is all about simplifying reach for customers. Continuing with the trend of being product oriented, it offers customers more convenience in online browsing. Shaped by better technology and smoother navigation.

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by Vishaal S Shah
on Aug 4th, 2008

Website for Multinational Gems and Jewelry Company

Firestone Diamond

Firestone International is a multinational diamond and jewellery manufacturing company with headquarters in Mumbai, India. They specialise in rough and polished diamond procurement, diamond polishing, jewellery design and manufacturing, distribution, and after-sales service.

We have designed both the logo and the website for Firestone. For the logo we have chosen a typographic design treatment that’s simple, yet eye catching and impactful. The ‘O’ in Firestone has been treated like a sparkling diamond with a burst of colors, radiating confidence, solidity and vibrancy – qualities that complement its brand image.

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Conservation & Recycling Service

Conservation and Recycling Services Pvt. Ltd. is an energy conservation solution provider and consultant. They offer a range of services, right from energy management to installation for corporate, industrial and residential clients. They also sell high impact energy saving solar products.

The website we have designed for Conservation is a pure reflection of its vision of providing eco-friendly solutions. The home page itself welcomes with a vibrant and vital feel and this theme spreads across the entire website. The design treatment neatly captures the essence of working in harmony with nature, and at same time reflects their professional approach towards this endeavour. We have also ensured that the entire styling of the website is consistent with their vision of providing high impact energy saving solutions.

To visit the Conservation website, click here

Penta Consulting ServicePenta Consulting Services is a company dedicated to rendering professional services in human resource management to organizations. They develop and nurture a healthy human resource climate, by providing training and development inputs on the various areas of human resource management.

The corporate website for Penta Consulting Services works on multiple levels, focusing on different requirements of the company. Firstly we have designed it with the purpose of creating more awareness among its target audience – corporate clients and SMEs. The simple structure, smooth navigation and easy on the eye design have all been chosen specifically for this

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by Vishaal S Shah
on Feb 28th, 2008

Website for Mumbai’s Premium Education Institution

NBWS School North Bombay Welfare Society’s (NBWS) High School is one of Mumbai’s premium educational institutions in India. What makes NBWS special is its strong bonding with its students, even after they have passed out. And this was apparent when the School’s 1983 alumni batch, which celebrated its 25th anniversary recently, decided to gift their alma mater a new website on the occasion as a gesture of love and gratitude.

The requirement for the NBWS website was to have a simple technology driven website which makes information accessible to its students, teachers and parents. The website we have designed for them captures the spirit of the school, its positive environment and enthusiasm online. It also reflects the values of the school such as its efforts to be environmental conscious.

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