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by Vishaal S Shah
on Jun 25th, 2008

YouTube – Scent of a Woman – Al’s speech

Probably one of my favourite scenes of all time. Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade, played by Al Pacino in his Oscar winning performance, gives a little talk about leadership and integrity during the end of the movie "Scent of a Woman". To keep you a little in sight here, Charlie (played by Chris O'Donnell) is about to be expelled because he is not snitching about what he saw, while the people who are quite clearly involved are being let go, primarily because they're rich. Enjoy a truly classic moment in movies.

Many marketers and companies are concerned with potentially negative results and cited fear of user-generated negativity as a primary factor limiting willingness to venture into social media. Here are key tactics for using social media as a lever for reputation management.

Expect to make mistakes. First, any active social marketer can expect to make mistakes which cost sleep, cause angst and alienate others—it’s the reality of the game. Subscribe to the theory that “nothing ventured is nothing gained” and forgive yourself in advance for inevitable screw-ups. Social media is just that: social.

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